Scarves in MLS Need to Go Away

The use of scarves is one aspect of European soccer that should be left to the Europeans.  I’m a proponent of adopting as many European ideals as possible, but not in this case.

Scarves just don’t work here, at least not as a sports fan’s accouterment.  If you are in the dead of winter in Chicago and need a scarf, sure, wear one.  But at a Galaxy game in Los Angeles in June?  Nope, doesn’t work.  Please stop.  I understand the European inspiration, but a blue and gold Galaxy scarf wrapped loosely around your v-neck t-shirt doesn’t have the same impact as a sea of Liverpool fans hoisting their scarves above their heads at Anfield while singing in unison the song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”


Major League Soccer chose to have their season during the summer.  That should automatically disqualify clubs from using scarves as team apparel or memorabilia.

These scarves were originally created for the obvious reason of warmth.  Then the soccer scarf as a way for fans in England to show their team colors from under their heavy winter coats. They are rooted in the history of the game and therefore have meaning.

MLS fans tried this one and it doesn’t work. I thought soccer scarves in the U.S. would only be a fad in the infancy of American fandom while they searched for their identity, but no.  I was reminded of the prevalence of scarves last night at the Galaxy vs. Timbers game.

Without having the history or the cold weather it simply becomes a trend, or something for appearance without any utility.  It makes for a stadium full of weird hipster wannabes.  We should aspire to replicate what they do in England, but first and foremost our fans are in desperate need of some grit and brawn, not chic.


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